Product Description
Different Types Of Sand Bags And Its Usefulness!! Sand bags are some of the most useful things that you can ever find. Sand bags are big bags which are filled with sand or soil. It is used mostly in the construction industry for packing and carrying sand from one place to another. On top of that, it is also used to build up barriers in defence or during times of emergency such as floods. Sand bags are some of the most versatile things of utility that is a must have in the household. Different types of sand bags If you are planning to buy sand bags, you should know that sand bags are available in at least 3 types of materials. The first is Hessian. Hessian comes from jute and is the most environmental friendly than the other types. If you use hessian sand bags then you will be at peace knowing that after a point of time the hessian sand bags will disappear into the ground. So you do not have to get all worried up with the disposal of the sand bags after its use. But if you are looking for something sustainable then you should go for the polypropylene sand bags. They are sturdy and are meant for heavy duty usage such as those of building barriers in floods. They stay intact free from the effects of weathering for a long time. However, there is a third variety of sand bags. Though the polypropylene ones are pretty sturdy but they do not come with an UV stabiliser. An UV stabiliser is when the sand bags are covered in a black sheet to prevent it from further degradation. It is known to be the sturdiest form of sand bags. Uses of sand bags People buy sand bags because they have a lot of usefulness. Firstly, sand bags are very effective in acting as a flood barrier. It is for this reason that sand bags are in extreme demand in the flood ridden areas. Sand bags are cheap and can be economically used to successfully build up a flood barrier. It is also used in construction sites for the building of barriers. Other than that, sand bags are also used for areas in which dykes are being built. How to properly use a sand bag? Before you use a sand bag you should always follow some precautions. Sand bags are most of the times treated with chemicals, which help them to stay for a long time. It is for this reason that before using sand bags you should always put on a pair of gloves so that you do not come into direct contact with the chemicals. Secondly, it is always advise to fill the sand bags up to three fourth so that it can effectively be moulded into the desired shape and size. Thirdly, after the sand bags have been used, it is better to dispose them off so that they do not contaminate the environment. So go ahead and buy sand bags in bulk as they are user friendly and are cheap when you buy in bulk.