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Sand Bags with tie up 36 x 85cm SB (Pack of 100)

Sand Bags with tie up 36 x 85cm SB (Pack of 100)

Sand Bags with tie up stringSize: 35 cm x 85 cmMade of Woven PolypropyleneUV stabilizedHolds upto 30..

Transparent Bags 41 x 66 cm TB2

Transparent Bags 41 x 66 cm TB2

Transparent Bag TB2 UV treatedBag dimensions: 41cm x 66 cm Usage: Suitable to use for packing ..

Transparent Bags 45 x 75cm TB1

Transparent Bags 45 x 75cm TB1

Transparent Bag TB1 UV treatedBag dimensions: 45cm x 75 cm Usage: Suitable to use for packing ..

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Sand Bags

Building Strong Foundation for Home

Real estate agencies set dream projects to lay a strong foundation for luxury housing and corporate office spaces. Endowed with best of facilities, the dream of creating affordable housing and professional work arena is turned reality. The support of alliance partners is essential to lay a strong foundation for the dream projects. The agencies under contract with construction material suppliers and packaging companies fulfill their commercial commitment to proper planning execution and manpower.

Plastic Sand Bags: Featured with Important Attributes

An unlimited and bulk supply of plastic sand bags is available at our website at affordable rates. Made of environment-friendly polypropylene material, they assure strength, sustainable use, and durability of the bags. Its translucent nature lets the supervisor at the construction site gauge the quality, quantity, and texture of the products with just one glance.

Woven Polypropylene Sand Bags: Completing Protection of Material

The sand, gravel, and lime are well stored and transport effectively from warehouses to the construction site where they are mixed in right quantities and applied on base. The carbon black elements of woven polypropylene sand bags guard the construction material against physical degradation.

The easy opening and sealed bottoms make the loading and unpacking process easier. Its width lets the bags stand on its own as the flat base ensures the weight to be transferred equally across the sack; its comparatively greater height assert a compact space that would keep the powered substance firm in its grip. The loops on the top would hold the sack firm in place and keep the products from falling down. As they are light in weight; they are easy to carry and would require fewer rounds for transporting the produce. As a result, it reduces the time span at which the building is constructed generally.

Understanding Responsibilities

On the basis of demands, they are also delivered fast to army cantonments so they could guard human lives against the force of natural disasters.

The polypropylene sand bags are readily available 24×7 at the online portal of at affordable prices.

The fulfilling the dream of building a dream home is not far away.