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HDPE Green Garden Bag

HDPE Green Garden Bag

HDPE Green Garden Bag Item Details Base 70 cm x 70 cm Height 98 cm Flaps 46cmMat..

Orange Polypropylene Wool Pack

Orange Polypropylene Wool Pack

Orange Polypropylene Wool Pack The dimensions of the bag are a 70 x70 x 98 cm bag with a 46 cm ..

Polypropylene Wool Pack

Polypropylene Wool Pack

Polypropylene Wool Pack The dimensions of the bag are a 70 x70 x 98 cm bag with a 46 cm flipUV ..

Polypropylene Wool Pack Pack of 25

Polypropylene Wool Pack Pack of 25

Polypropylene Wool Pack Pack of 25The dimensions of the bag are a 70 x70 x 98 cm bag with a 46 cm fl..

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Wool Packs

Woven Pack Bags for Organizing Home & Lawns

Bags are available in the market made of diverse materials, molded in different shapes, sizes and looks for specified purposes and serving a number of different functions. The wool packs bags are one of those forms which provide both homemakers and commercial to contribute towards the cause of keeping the city clean and hygienic by discarding the unused essential in its confines and sent it for recycling processes.

Wool Bale Bags: Storing & Transporting Recyclable Products

Scraps and recycle material like copper cables, aluminum sheets, and old silverware materials are stored and transported to factories to give new lease of life and shape to discarded essentials.

Recycle clothing are also stored in these polypropylene made wool bale bags. The material which is resistant to a number of chemical and physical substances during manufacturing makes the bag feasible for storage in the industrial sector. The white color bale press is tied in clips and double stitched to elongate strength to lift heavyweight products with ease. Its standard size is uniform for transportation across various sectors. Packaging the raw food product for storing tonnes of building material is one of the much-needed benefits.

Garden Waste Bags: Changing Outlook As Well

Also with the regular use of pack, users can store their daily usage and seasonal household products to make a judicious use of the space where they work or live in. Garden bags Brisbane make space look creative and unique. Available in a number of bright shades like red, orange and green, they present a surprising colorful look to your interiors.

Coated with Ultraviolet layering, the bags which are made up of woven high-density Polyethylene that is seemed favorable material to use for outdoor activities promising to protect the product from harmful effects caused by strenuous climatic conditions. Make your garden look beautiful and seek the freshness of pure air through these highly functional garden waste bags.

Buy this baggage online at for faster, reliable and secured storage, transportation and packaging of the product that are diversified across sectors. Economic in pricing, commercially promising and recyclable in nature, one would feel proud to own them from Brisbane bags.

Wool Packs originally used to pack and transport wool from one place to other. Wool packs used in wool industry are made of nylon. There are wool packs made of other kinds of materials as described below:

HDPE Wool Packs: HDPE Wool Packs are made of Woven High-Density Polyethylene material and are UV treated. They are used for various general uses like storing household goods to garden waste management and in the recycling industry for storing and transporting scrap metals like copper, silver, and aluminum. As these Wool Packs are UV treated it makes them suitable for outdoor use. We stock various colors in HDPE Wool Packs like Red, Orange, and Green, however, their availability keeps on changing from time to time.

Polypropylene Wool Packs: Polypropylene Wool Packs also known as Bale Bags are made of Woven Polypropylene material, there most common use is in packing and transport of recycled clothing. They are filled with recycled clothing in Bale Press and are closed at the top using bale clips. Our Bale bags are White in color and are double stitched for extra strength.

Standard Size of Wool Packs is 70cm x 70cm x 98cm + 46 cm Flaps